Trial and Error
If at first you don't succeed, throw a tantrum.


For almost 5 months now, I’ve been taking a digital media class that teaches us about graphic design, student journalism, and using programs like Adobe Photoshop and Indesign. Having a class with 7 other brilliant students and the wonderful teacher I’ve had 3 times in high school, I feel like I’ve learned so much and am much more prepared for my upcoming college career. As I’ve said in my first post, my goal is to pursue the field of graphic and web design, and this class was perfect. I do wish we went more into designing with the programs we used and made more spreads like yearbook and magazine pages, but it was all a great introduction for what I want to do. Not to mention the tons of food, candies, chocolate, and goodies we got on a regular basis (thanks to my teacher’s sweet tooth) was a nice bonus as well. But sadly, it’s coming to an end. We’re going into mid-terms, and this is only a semester class, so I’ll be done after the holidays. But once I graduate and move on into the world; I’ll definitely be prepared and ahead of the game thanks to this class. Thank you Mrs. Huddleston!



When it comes to graphic design, sometimes people tend to over-emphasize their work and when then find something that looks cool, they use it too much. Like the text above, shadowing your letters looks great and gives your words a 3D pop. However. Too much shadowing, or in this case, having so much distance apart looks a little different.

There’s also a problem with busy design, where so much content and information are put in one spread. For the viewer, it’s hard to read, you don’t know where to start, and makes you eyes jump everywhere on the page. Like the image above, it’s just a simple 50% off sale at a fabric store. I thought I was looking a monster truck rally ad when I first looked at it.

Then there are just really bad designs in general. Sure, it’s creative and may have taken some time to make…but really. It’s very obvious when someone has copy and paster something, drawn or made something in a few minutes, or had a field day in Microsoft Paint. The image above is simple, and I’m sure really wasn’t meant for something like a big business logo (I hope not), but is obvious that it isn’t all that good.


For Thanksgiving, I’m always given a choice. Since I was 5 years old, my parents have been divorced, but they never forced any decisions on me. I chose to stay with my mom and I’ve made visits to my Dad on my own terms especially on holidays. Now that I’m older and realize the amount of time I have left to spend with them, I usually try to see my dad, my sisters, and my step mom every break from school that I have. This Thanksgiving, I went down to Austin, Texas to see them, my step grandparents, and have a good week to be together.

If you can imagine the stomach that goes with my father’s stature, you can imagine the kind of feast that we had. We had 2 turkeys, both white and dark meat, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, spinach casserole, stuffing, a full bowl of gravy, along with carrot and cheesecake for dessert. Besides the incredible food, it was really nice to be able to all come together for one evening, sit down, and talk about life and how we got here. Dad and Michelle weren’t working, her parents flew in from Florida, I came from Nashville, and it was all really something to be thankful for. I miss them all already, but I can’t wait to go back for Christmas time in a few weeks.


Graphic Design has always interested me and is what I’d like to study when I go to college. I feel like it’s perfect for me because I have a wide imagination, I know a lot about public interest, and I have a sense of humor. With all of those combined, I want to bring a different, unique style of design into the world and just share my ideas with people who are willing to see or hear them.

This is my favorite type of design. The explosive, in your face type of image that when you first look at it, you step back and say, “…woah.” I love all of the intricacy that goes into something as simple as text (since my whole personality is over-exaggerated simplicity.) But this kind of work is what I aspire to create; I want people to wonder how I took something so basic and turned it into something mind-blowing.


Another type of design that I really enjoy is the chaotic landscape type of picture; where there is so much going on that you need a few minutes to look at everything. Since my personality is also made up of a LOT of free time, I feel like I would be really good at things like this because they’re time consuming and extremely creative. To make all of this come together, have a common theme, blend so nicely, and not give you a headache is truly amazing.


Finally, theres that funny/clever type of design that always makes me laugh or wonder how people come up with these ideas. It’s not just the fact that this guy is erasing himself, but how well they cinched together the eraser and his hand to really give it that effect. There is a plethora (yes) of design ideas that people haven’t come up with yet and tons of styles that haven’t been thought of. I would love to get into this business as soon as soon as possible and see what I can create.


So I’d like to make a cyber-toast to a great friend in my life. I consider him to be a non-blood related brother and a major part to my everyday life. Friends since 4th and 5th grade, we’ve been through an unmeasurable amount of memories together; from ruling the playground at our middle school, to being there in the hardest times in our high school careers, he’s always been there. The voice of reason, humor, common sense, and wisdom has been everlasting in a boy named Niles Keith, and he is my best friend.

Niles is a guy I’ve never had to argue with. We’ve understood each other’s tendencies ever since we first met. Theres never been bad blood, never been a fight that tore us apart, and we’ve always been best buds. He’s someone who won’t lie to you, which is possibly the greatest quality I could find in anyone. He’ll tell you what’s right weather you want to hear it or not, and being the hard-head I am, I heard it more than I would have liked. But he’s also been someone I’ve never been bored with. Our personalities match so well that we could say the most off the wall, unrecognizable gibberish we could think of, and completely understand it without question. This is someone that has stood the test of time for 8 years putting up with my lazy nonsense and awkward, clueless train of thought. Why? Because Niles Keith is a great friend. A trustworthy friend. And my best friend. Thanks bud.



I recently watched a movie called, “Shattered Glass” about a man named Stephen Glass played by Hayden Christensen, or Anakin Skywalker for my Star Wars fans. It portrays the story of a young journalist writing for the New Republic, A high end political publication, and seems to be a fantastic reporter with all the hot stories. Without giving too much away, his credibility is thrown into question when a Forbes writer catches some mysterious information in one of the articles Stephen writes.

All throughout the movie, you develop a serious respect for journalism and how much time, effort, and production goes into just one small article. Fact checks, grammar checks, editor’s checks, more fact checks, and a tedious process which seems impossible to beat. But Stephen Glass completely “shatters” this system, in a true story and overall great movie. If you buy the DVD, theres a 60 Minutes interview with the real Stephen Glass and he explains his career in The New Republic and you see how well the movie captured his quirky personality. A good weekend movie to watch especially with a couple of people to discuss it afterwards.


Growing up, I would look forward to nothing more than the blessed day of Halloween. I loved Christmas, and I adored Easter, but something about the idea of wearing a costume, going to stranger’s house, and demand sugary goodness has been hard to beat. Then scrambling back home with a swag-bag of cavities and a early morning belly-ache of regret was one of the greatest feelings I will always cherish.

Unfortunately, seeing as my father makes Shaq look like he needs a booster seat, I hit many a growth spurt. By the age of 12, I was more often mistaken as the older, teenage brother who was forced by his mother to watch over his siblings, rather than the happy-go-lucky trick or treater I wanted to be. I received substantially less candy each year and my height continued to skyrocket out of proportion. Between all of the strange looks and the glares blatantly saying, “You don’t belong out here,” I realized it was time to put away the capes, throw out the horns, and store my plastic light-sabers. This is the tragic story of a boy…and his candy.

Now, with time to heal, I am a teenager that has moved on. I have few memories from past candy-extravaganzas, but I cannot blame anyone. I’m honestly surprised I earned as much as I did. If I were an adult, I’d be very harsh if grown teenagers came to my doorstep wearing super-man shirts, jeans, and sandals and came asking for candy. But I digress. I do enjoy seeing the other children of our generation show up with their clever costumes and enjoying themselves as I once did. It’s not all bad now; as I grew up, I realized how much easier it was to go down a block to Kroger and just buy all the candy I can stuff down my throat in one night. It’s not as rewarding to feel like you swindled 40 neighbors into handing over their “merchandise,” but it still feels pretty darn good eat Reese’s cups by the mouthful.


The First Amendment is as follows, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Freedom of speech is one of 10 rights that makes us the independent nation we are today. There are so many places on this earth where you would be severely punished for speaking your thought’s or trying to defend what you believe in. Here, we have that right to believe in something and be able to verbally express it…to an extent. Now just because you can say what you want doesn’t mean you can just go making claims left and right. For instance, accusing someone for something that didn’t do is slander and is punishable depending on what the situation is. I feel like that’s the biggest problem with the First Amendment; people don’t know their specific rights and what they can and can’t do, so they make a lot of stupid decisions and get punished for it. It’s important to not only know what you can say and how to say it, but to also know you’re nine other rights as well. If every american could learn and be able to recite the Bill of Rights word for word, we’d be preserving what makes our country so great and would keep one of the best parts of living here alive. Having Freedom.


One of the dozens of strange talents I’ve acquired over the years is the ability to solve a Rubik’s Cube. The toy that always seemed impossible to solve was…actually very possible. And easy. I know it’ll sound like rocket science, but the idea is based off of things called “Algorithms” or Patterns in simpler terms. There are almost 20 you have to memorize, but once you do, it’s elementary, my dear Watson (had to.) It took me a weekend back in 7th grade to learn all the patterns and become fluent; it was fun then, and it’s fun now. Here’s a video for proof for all of the nay-sayers. Exhibit A:

And I meant to add on some instructions to solve it…but after the 3rd take I was convinced that I could not do it right. Exhibit B: 

If you want to see a good video for how to solve the Rubik’s cube, this is the guy I learned it from:  



According to the article on BBC News, Face-Types, or Fonts, are one of the most important parts of text on any sort of document. The way a Type-Face looks appeals differently to different people. There is an estimated 200,000 different fonts to choose from that have all been created through careful study and research. I personally had no idea that this much time went into the lettering on the food label of a pack of pop-tarts.

Being a simple fellow, I don’t have a specific preference on my “Face-Type” other than Arial. Its simple, sleek, easy to read, and flowing. I also don’t mind the Microsoft default Times New Roman. As long as it’s not a over complicated, curly-Q, ancient Greek symbol font, I’d like it. But if you want to learn more about Face-Types, Fonts, or learn some interesting facts about the hit movie, “Avatar,” follow the link below. Thanks!

Arial Font Below

Times New Roman Font Below